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To Provide The Best Flavors To The World!


It all started when I played my first college football home game.  Every home game our team bus would drive by the football alumni tailgate party in front of the stadium.  That was when I smelled the aroma of BBQ.  The smell took me back home to Mountlake Terrace when my pops used to BBQ.  After we won the game, some of my teammates and I bought steaks, chicken and ribs to BBQ.  I began to BBQ after every home game with my teammates.  Eventually, I concocted mixes of spices that were created specifically for the right meat.  No more all-purpose seasonings.  Each meat had a texture and flavor that needed attention.  I carefully researched spices and determined which spice mixtures went best with the meat. Spices and meats needed to have a great relationship.  I allowed that great relationship to happen.  Beef, Poultry, Pork, Vegetables, Ham, Seafood & Teriyaki Dry Rubs is what JONZ 1 Original Dry Rubs is all about!  These 3.5oz Dry Rub containers full of beautiful mixed spices will make your eyes pop because of the flavor.  The taste will bring back your soul!

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